Welcome to Soweto Chef’s Academy

Soweto Chef’s Academy (Pty) Ltd. it’s the first of its kind culinary school in Soweto. We are situated at Walter Sisulu Square in kliptown.

We guarantee quality training that will enhance your skills in the new trends of hospitality and work placement experience is one of our strengths.

Our mission is to provide you with the best professional culinary education. Students come to Soweto Chef’s Academy (Pty) Ltd. for our gold – standard education programs and outstanding career opportunities.

Our programs are for anyone with a passion for food – from students striving to become the next master chef celebrity, to professionals looking to advance their skills, food lovers seeking to advance their cooking skills on home cooked meals.

National certificate and skills programs

(N.Q.F. level 02 – 04).

(Accredited course).

Soweto Chef’s Academy (Pty) Ltd. national certificate and skills program are the proven path to an exciting career in the amazing world of food. We offer associate qualification in culinary arts, baking and pastry arts, applied food studies, food and beverage studies. Once you graduate with Soweto Chef’s Academy (Pty) Ltd. you can do it all – be a successful chef, restaurant owner, manager, entrepreneur, food stylist, food writer, educator and more. Invest at Soweto Chef’s Academy (Pty) Ltd. education and get the right credential for your future in the world of food.

Food enthusiast programs (non – accredited courses)

These programs are for those who want to advance their cooking skills for the home cooked meals and baking. We offer fabulous courses, glistening professionally equipped kitchens, expert instruction, a treasure trove of cookbooks, D.V.D.’s and culinary equipment in our practical laboratory. Come and make Soweto Chef’s Academy (Pty) Ltd. your culinary playground.

Soweto Chef’s Academy (Pty) Ltd. offers hands – on custom programming for groups of 30 or more that is designed to meet the professional development needs of the food, beverage and hospitality industry. Our team will work with yours to create program curricula tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Do not waste your time come meet our professional staff and unleash the chef in you!

We invite you to learn about our offerings; Soweto Chef’s Academy (Pty) Ltd. is sure to have the right program for you. Contact us today to get more information about our programs or to start your application.

The domestic foundation course.

It is believed that a 03rd of all households require a house assistant. Soweto Chef’s Academy (Pty) Ltd. `domestic foundation course` will elevate the skill set of the domestic worker to a professional level. Soweto Chef’s Academy (Pty) Ltd. will also keep all the trained domestic workers on their database in order to assist them in finding employment.

The main aim of the training is to show the trainee the skills required in house – keeping. The trainee would further receive training manual, skill and a certificate on completion of the course. At the end of this course should you wish your person to receive additional training in specific area (packing away cupboards, culinary cooking shills etc.), we could certainly develop something extra.

The cost will include all courses notes, tea, practical ingredients, administration, certificate and placement.

Please note that this course can be adapted for office / tea / cleaning staff. In this instance, the industry component falls away and we focus on social interaction; cleaning in the office environment, making & serving of tea / coffee, making & serving of light meals and setting up of the boardroom/s for meeting. The classes are small (maximum 30 pack) so everyone will get individual attention and our training is more of a show and tell experience.

The Soweto Chef’s Academy (Pty) Ltd. team.

We are a team of 05 professional delegates. We compile as a team of management, full – time and part time cooking professionals. Dedicating our effort toward ensuring that learners are trained to the industry quality standard and maintaining academic fairness for both the trainee and the industry.